Monday, March 12, 2012

The 8-Bit bar in St. Louis

The 8-Bit bar in St. Louis, has kicked off it's Kickstarter Pledge.  What is a Kickstarter Pledge you ask?  Well basically an organization, company, not for profit, etc. comes up with a certain amount or financial goal they need to kickstart or open their establishment.  People then donate a certain amount of money in exchange for some type of service or goods offered by the organization.  Money does not exchange hands unless the organization reaches it's financial goal.

So was is 8-Bit bar?  Here is how they describe themselves on their Kickstarter Pledge page.

We came up with the idea for the 8-Bit Bar when we decided St. Louis doesn't need another ordinary bar. How many bars are there here for those of us who would rather watch Battlestar Galactica than a football game? None that we could think of.

We decided that St. Louis nerds and geeks NEED a place to congregate and know that they are in good company- the company of fellow individuals who share an interest in the less mainstream pursuits, such as science fiction, technology, video games, anime, intellectual pursuits, and almost anything else "geeky" one can imagine.

Our dream is to create a social hub that brings people together in an environment that enables them to use their common interests and passions to build relationships with the business, the community and each other. 

That said, in the spirit of fostering such a community, we welcome any and all ideas, suggestions, and help in realizing this dream of ours. We want YOU to be a part of creating this safe-haven for anyone and everyone who relishes in the unusual, the imaginative, and the geeky.

Special Abilities
  • 20 Beers on Draft - $3.00 PBRs Always Available
  • Over 180 Barchievements to experience with rewards at milestones
  • Create Your Own Dining Experience by Bringing in Food From Wherever You Want
  • 15-20 Classic Arcade Games - Think Ms. Pacman, Galaga and Donkey Kong with a consistent high-score leader board in the bar and online
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • TONS of Power Outlets for Your Electricty-Hungry Portable Devices
  • Weekly Presentations from Local Scientists, Researchers, and Professors
  • A Free Library of Books For You to Enjoy
  • A Selection of Awesome Board Games - Think Chess, Settlers of Catan, Risk, Puerto Rico, Battlestar Galactica, Munchkin, and Game of Thrones
  • Partnerships With Local Theatre, Comedy Troupes and Cultural Institutions
  • Parnterships With Local Universities
  • Partnerships With Local Restaurants
So you get the idea!  Super freaking cool right???  Go help them reach their financial goal by going to the Kickstarter Pledge page today and make a pledge!   Think of watching Star Wars or Lord of the Rings while playing a game of Magic or D&D all while having a beer.   

Don't forget to spread the word too!  

I sincerely  hope they reach their goal!