Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Facebook's New Fan Page Promotion

So Facebook has come up with a new option for those with fan or business pages to help them promote their businesses.  There is a lot of confusion on this as all kinds of information is crawling around the web.  My friend Lori Peterson of  Lori Peterson Photography shared this link with me which helped to clear it up.

Here is what it says (this is via Facebook from the link above)

If I don't promote my post, will the people who like my page still see it?

Nothing has changed about how your posts are shared with the people who like your Page. 

A lot of activity happens on Facebook and most people only see some of it in their news feeds. They may miss things when they’re not on Facebook, or they may have a lot of friends and Pages, which results in too much activity to show all of it in their news feed. 

If you don’t promote your post, many of the people connected to your Page may still see it. However, by promoting a post, you’re increasing its potential reach so an even larger percentage of your Page audience and the friends of those interacting with your post will see it.

I was somewhat excited about the possibility of being able to promote giveaways or upcoming craft shows.  Well that is not a possibility yet for me.  Seems you have to at least 400 likes in order to promote.  So I am going to be on a campaign to get more likes.  If you haven't liked my  Facebook page yet please do so.  

I hope this clears up some of the confusion out there.  I am not totally thrilled by this change, but I am hoping maybe the promotion campaign might help.  


Red Herring Jeff said...

I was just talking to someone about this the other day! There's all those posts going around about how the facebook want's us to "pay to show our posts", but I'd never gotten anything actually from them about it. It makes me wonder who started that story and got everyone all riled up! Ha-ha-ha!

As far as I can tell, what shows up in your feed relates mostly to what or who you interact most with. That's why I get almost all of your posts, because apparently I always have something to say :)

Senora Muertos said...

That was part of the problem. Facebook didn't tell anyone anything, so I am not sure how it leaked out. It does seem that the more you interact with a fan page though, the more posts you get. And LOL! I like what you say, so talk or write as much as you want.