Friday, January 28, 2011

Upcoming CSN Stores Review

CSN Stores has again contacted me to do a review on an item of my choice for them around $45.00.  I have done two reviews for them so far and let me tell you I am more than pleased with both items I received and the ease of ordering and the quickness of the shipping.  If you are not familiar with CSN Stores you should go check them out.  They carry everything from toasters to bath towels to Herman Miller furniture.

They have so many items to choose from, but I would like to stay with the feel of my blog.  Since I occasionally post recipes I decided to review another kitchen item. So stay tuned for an exciting review of yet another wonderful kitchen item from CSN Stores.  

Friday, January 21, 2011

Craft books & blogs; Do they need to have pictures?

I am a library junkie!  I love my library and when I get on a roll I will request and request books until I am walking out of the library with 20 plus books.  Recently I checked out a craft book that look interesting in the description on the library's website.  Well I got the book and I was sorely disappointed.  There were no real pictures and not very good directions either.  I enjoy a good book.  I am an avid reader, but when it comes to "How to" books I want lots of eye candy.

Would it be presumptuous of me to assume that most crafters, artists, hobbyists are visual people?  I think not.  So wouldn't an editor or publishing company want to cater to those who are their market?  I would think so.

The same goes for blogs.  I know I am guilty of this but it is hard for me to read a blog post that doesn't include a picture of some kind as reference or to tell a story.  

Publishing companies, editors, authors, bloggers, please heed my words.  You will get more readers with visuals.   Good ones please!!!  Thank you!

See I even added one pretty picture that has nothing to do with my post just to give you some eye candy.  

This pic my the 7yr old daughter took at Missouri Botanical Gardens last year.  

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Produce Co-op

I do a produce co-op every other week.  It's $23.00 for a box of fruits and veggies and lasts our family (me, my kids and my parents) about 2 weeks.  We do have to add items here and there of course.  I love doing the co-op.  It forces me to use veggies or fruit at every single meal.   The co-op is throughout the St. Louis area with varying pick up times.   Here's the link

Here is this weeks haul

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Indie Craft Revolution Call for Art 2011

The Indie Craft Revolution is currently having a call for artists.  The even will be held at the St. Louis Artist Guild.  The call for art will be from January 1st to February 9th.  Apply here.  

This years show will feature an indoor and outdoor show! Pass it along. Tell your friends!
Indie Craft Revolution: A craft event in a series of Indy Art and Craft events hosted by St. Louis Craft Mafia will be bigger and better this year. This is the second annual Indie Craft Revolution will be on Saturday, April 30th 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday, May 1st from 10 am to 4 pm.