Friday, January 15, 2010


I have been cleaning and organizing my craft area in our basement all week long and in doing so I have been researching decorating ideas.  The walls down here are what is called Retro Mint Green and they are not a fave of mine at all!!!  I already have my gorgeous pink 1950's metal cabinets and my counter top that is also 1950's with boomerangs in green, pink and grey.  I love the pink, but hated the mint green.  I talked to my hubby and he said I should be able to paint my craft area with regular latex paint with no problem as it stays dry on my side of the basement and no waterproofing is needed.  Yay!

Your thinking, but your only going to paint part of your basement?  Yes, that's right!  See one side of my craft area is cut off by our storage room, the other side stops at the stairs which has a large wooden board where our dart board is attached too.  So I will be pricing paint this weekend and hopefully once it warms up I will be able to paint.  Lime green was the perfect choice. It should brighten the area up, it goes with the already pink cabinets and I can use neon yellow, neon orange, turquoise, bright blue, red, purple and hot pink as accent colors.  I have some beautiful Mexican oil cloth and red Alexander Henry sugar skull fabrics to use too.  I'm getting there people.  I figure it will help me immensely to have a beautiful area to come down and create in.  Kind of like a retreat.  And since those colors are the ones I use most it should help to inspire me.

Now back to cleaning!  Ugh!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

One of my New Year's resolutions, organizing my craft room

So we all make New Year's resolutions. Well most of us do and most of us try and then somewhere into March the gusto you once had for that resolution peters out. At least that is true for me. But this year there is one New Year's resolution I hope that I can keep and that is to organize my craft area.

So here is an idea of how messy it truly is. I am not going to show you all of it because you might call Hoarders on me. LOL! It truly is bad and I am quite embarrassed to even show these, but if I bare my soul maybe it will force me to clean.

Here is the one wall where our storage room is. My desk with computer sits here. The desk was a gifted from a good friend and the computer was purchased used. I moved the desk there last month and I had to literally pile stuff on top of each other to get it there. I love natural wood but I am considering painting this with magnetic paint so I can adhere my inspirations and sketches to it.

The next photo shows the wall to the left in this photo a little clearer.  You can see the MINT green hospital colored walls I am stuck with.  I plan to put up as much pegboard and cork board as I can to hide these as I can not afford to paint them right now.

I have lots of ideas floating in my head and  I have a good base.  I have great 50's pink metal cabinets, a counter top for said cabinets that is white with, pink, grey and mint green 50's boomerangs, a great 40's style wood desk.  I have received umpteen tins from Upcycle Exchange that I plan to decoupage in fun papers to match.  I have an idea for putting the fabric I love in embroidery hoops and grouping them in a design.  And there is so much more.  As long as my depression is under control I hope to share a lot of these ideas with you in pics and tutorials.  I won't promise anything as my depression has been a serious roller coaster with mostly downs lately, but it's a New Year.  So wish me luck!  I need to tackle the mountain of laundry you can't see that is to the right before I start.  I am going to do laundry on Sunday and then on Monday after the kids are off to school and I have guzzled down a pot of Chai tea I will brave this mess and hopefully start on my new improved craft room.

Any ideas you might have to improve my space or for organization would be gladly welcomed!