Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big Ass Indie Art & Craft Show Upcycle list

So many of you have items laying around your house that you might be thinking I will never use that I should donate that or throw it away. Well please don't throw it away.
Keep those items out of the landfill. Here is a list of recyclables and craft supplies that I have asked for through the Upcycle Exchange (see the side bar for the link). Please take your time and go to the site to see other items requested by other artists. You will receive a coupon book good for free items or discounts with purchase in the future with participating artists.

Here's my long, long list and hope to see you at the Big Ass Indie Art & Craft show.

micro brew and import bottle caps
soda bottle caps
cork boards/bulletin boards
stryofoam cones
stryofoam balls
wooden shadow box/es (any size)
wall paper paste
glitter and glitter glue
wooden/plastic spools @ least 1 ft high
glass prayer candles (with wax all used)
wooden crates (no larger than 3 feet)
wooden jewelry boxes
red lace trim
any fabric with skulls, tattoo, dice, flames
any color of tulle (other than white)
copper sheeting (any size)
small religious statues
wooden crosses (any size)
vintage hard plastic carry on makeup case
ball fringe any color
loteria cards
unused sculpey/fimo clay
plastic organizing bins
cigar boxes
embossing powder
embossing glue
jump rings
jewelry chain
ball chain
split rings
earring findings
necklace closures
necklace extenders
silver bracelets
barrette findings
toggle findings
pin findings
bobby pins with glueable pads
wrap-able jewelry wire
beads (red, black, purple, blue, grey)
modge podge
e-6000 glue
gorilla glue
wooden picture frames
juice can lids
end biscuit can lids
unused resin
resin molds
vinyl records
craft paint
spray paint
fabric paint
one shot paint
glass paint
paint pens
clear acrylic spray
paint brushes
popsicle sticks
foam paint brushes
jewelry displays
unused card stock
unused printer paper
unused printer labels
countertop samples
bowling pins
scrapbook paper
scrapbooking punches
scrapbooking scissors
jingle bells
unused canvas
exacto knife blades
spinning racks
linoleum cutter
clay working tools
ink pads
ink stamps (espec. skulls, halloween)
removable glue dots/pads
pinking shears
etching cream
small clear storage bags (i.e. jewelry(self sealing)
glitter stems
chenille stems
red silk roses
black silk flowers
fall color silk flowers
unused tooth picks
skulls (any, paper, ceramic, etc)
skeletons (any, paper, ceramic, etc.)
pinups (paper, etc.)
bubble wrap

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