Friday, October 2, 2009

Flashback Friday

Naked Raygun was my first Punk Rock show. It was at SIUE Edwardsville and it was AWESOME! I still love them to this day, they rock! A friend of mine wrote this earlier this week

No matter what else I ever do, how old I get, or how much I spend on my hair, I will always be a punk rocker at heart. I will never let anyone tell me how to look, how to think, or that I can't pick up shit myself and learn it. I will never be... a war apologist or a demure housewife without a voice of my own. Till the day I die, I will curse like a sailor and go down swinging.

This is me! I totally got what she meant and it fits me to a T.

I got into punk when my uncle introduced me to Pipeline a local punk show on SIUE's radio station. I understood how the people singing felt. I wasn't really rebelling against my parents. They were good people and let me be who I was. I wasn't rebelling against authority, because I understood rules were in place for a reason. I was rebelling against society and I still am. I refuse to be a lamb. I refuse to wear the latest fashions and be told how to dress, think, and act.

I grew up poor. We were welfare kids. My mom and stepdad tried, but we were poor.
That's just how it was. My clothes were either from Venture, hand me downs or from the thrift store. Now I am 40, so back when I was a kid it was not cool to shop at thrift stores. I hated not having the latest, coolest styles. I once even stole money to go buy Nikes for me and a friend. I got caught and we had to return them. Lesson learned! But then I found punk rock. Punk rockers wore what they wanted. They were individuals, not sheep. No two looked exactly alike, though there might be similarities. I found black 50's cocktail dresses and I ripped my already used jeans. I wrote band names on my clothes and song lyrics. I spray painted my jean jacket. I pierced my nose and hung a chain from my nose to my ear. I could be myself and not be ashamed that I didn't have the latest and greatest. That's what I love about punk rock. The ability to express yourself in how you look and tell society, Fuck you! I am who I am and if you don't like it you can kiss my ass! Needless to say I am tamed down version. But not much. I have two nose piercings, the classic Betty Page hair (though in a dark red). I still wear band shirts, black converse, Doc Martens, skulls and black. I am a punk. It's who I am and it will always be me.
Don't get me wrong. It wasn't just the fashion of punk rock that pulled me in. It just allowed me to be okay with being myself. That then allowed me to be the free thinker I am today. It allowed me to develop my own opinions and voice them. It allowed me to strive to be better because I wanted to, not because it was expected of me. It allowed to appreciate and accept other opinions and views (to a point, there are some things I just won't tolerate). It opened up my creativity, allowing me to express myself in many different ways. Art now being one of those creative outlets. It gave me the self confidence and back bone to not care what others thought of me. I am trying to pass down those important lessons to my children. I hope it makes them better people too!

Viva la Revolution!


Mommy Lisa said...

Okay - I know you found me thru the Peterson Family - but, ETSY? Dark Side? Punk Rock - still wearing skulls and crossbones? Heck, I put my BABY in skull and crossbones shoes! Flames too...

I must follow your blog!

Senora Muertos said...

Mommy Lisa, Awesome! I will reciprocate. It's nice to find others like myself out there in the blogging world!