Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What inspires you or What are you reading?

So I started reading The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl. It is a very interesting story so far and revolves around Dante's Inferno. In the first few pages of the book was a picture of this painting. A Topography of Hell by Bartolomeo di Fruosino c. 1420

I couldn't find a larger image, but you get the general idea. Sinners of all sorts, in different levels of torture or torment in hell. Well this got me thinking. Why am I drawn to this kind of art work. Because I do love it! I was raised Catholic and Catholics are all about the guilt and sinners and burning in hell. I was exposed to a lot of beautiful religious art and a lot of it was the Fire and Brimstone type though a lot of it was moving and showed levels of love and faith. I only went to college for two semesters and this was in the last few years. I did not take art history and I do not claim to know much of anything. These are not educated opinions in any way. I just know what I like and I like this kind of art. Don't get me wrong I love all kinds of art. This is just the art that moves me. I look at this kind of art and it invokes emotion.

Look at this statue of Madonna and child by Michelangelo. Look how he made her to look so normal. She looks like any other mom. It's as if she was posing for him and Jesus was just a normal child playing at her feet. At least this is what I get from it. Of course art is in the eye of the beholder too.

What inspires you? Or what are you reading?


Peterson Family said...

I think you can find inspiration in anything. Art is all around us, but we sometimes are too busy to even notice. Monet painted from all different angles at different times of the day. I think we just sometimes need to live in the moment to appreciate it.

Senora Muertos said...

I agree! I forget to live in the moment often.

Debbie said...

I love art. One of the things about it that appeals to me is its subjectiveness. I don't think you have to be educated in art to know what you like and appreciate it! Or be inspired by it.