Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank you, and Strange Folk Festival

I just wanted to thank everyone who came out to Strange Folk festival over the weekend. I was a great weekend other than the downpour we had on Sat. Some people shopped anyways. My daughter and I sat in our chairs under the tent eating kettle corn and listening to the rain. It was nice, though a clear sunny day like Sunday would of been better, you try to enjoy what you can't change.

Here are a few pics of my booth and wares for the weekend. Some items are still available, please feel free to ask.


Allison said...

That cat just KILLS me with the cuteness! Will you be making more? Will you be making calico ones? I would love one in remembrance of the calico cat I had when I was little. *sigh* I still miss her.

Senora Muertos said...

Thanks Allison! April gave it a home. I can make more. I have not attempted making a Calico one, but I would love to try.