Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday's Family Feature -Lulu

Lulu Belle is the baby of the family. She is the youngest of our Boston Terrors and she is a terror! She is the scamp, the feisty one who starts the scraps and then tries to finish them. Lulu will play fight all day with both her brother and sister if they like it or not. She is momma's baby though and will take breaks to sit with me or try to lay on me or randomly lick me.(Why do dogs do that?!)

Lulu is our little jack rabbit. She hops! She turns her body sideways and kind of hops on all fours backwards and forwards. It's the funniest thing ever.
I imagine her self portrait would be her wearing pink boxing gloves with a black eye and pink bow with a skull in the middle of it and maybe a front tooth missing.

I almost forgot to mention her high pitched bark. It grates the nerves. Ugh!

Great, now I need to draw my dogs as humans, as they would draw their own self portraits. Oh man! TGIF! LOL!

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Peterson Family said...

She looks like she's smiling for her picture! Cute!