Thursday, August 20, 2009

Super long list of wants for the Upcycle Exchange at Strange Folk Festival

The Upcycle Exchange is a super cool program created by Autumn Wiggins of Strangefolk fame. The idea is for people to donate goods to local artists to help out the local artists and to keep the donated goods out of the landfills.
Each artists creates a list of supplies that they would like and people bring them to the Upcycle location to drop off and then they are given a coupon to be used. Most artists are offering a free gift for those donating and some are offering discounts at the festival or on their websites or Etsy stores.
My coupon is for 10% off my Etsy store or a free small skull magnet while supplies last. So save these items, bring them to the Strangefolk Festival, help local artists, save items from the landfill and get yourself some goodies!
These are just my wants. To find out what other artists are accepting check out the
Upcycle Exchange website

Micro brew and import bottle caps
Cork boards/bulletin boards
Bowling trophies
Stryofoam cones
Stryofoam balls
Vintage glass ornaments
Wooden shadow box/es (any size)
Dish soap bottles
Wall paper paste
Glitter and glitter glue
Wooden or plastic spools @ least 1 foot high
Glass prayer candles
Wooden crates (no larger than 3 feet)
Wooden jewelry boxes
Red or black lace trim
Any fabric with skulls, leopard or zebra on it
Any color of tulle (other than white)
Copper sheeting (any size)
Solder and or flux
Small religious statues
Wooden crosses (any size)
Vintage suitcases
Ball fringe any color
Loteria cards
Unused in good condition sculpey/fimo clay
Plastic or wooden organizing bins
Cigar boxes
Frozen concentrate juice can lids
End of biscuit metal lids
Christmas/cookie/popcorn tins
Wooden candle holders
Magnets (any kind)
Wooden dowels (any kind)
Modge podge
Vinyl records
Cardboard cones
Cardboard balls
Grossgrain ribbon any color
Comic books (any condition)
Wooden picture frames
Rubber stamps
Wooden plaques
Jingle bells
Unused plaster
Unused varnish
Acrylic paint (any color)
Paint markers (any color)
Sharpies (any color)
Unused cardstock (any color)
Spray paint (any color)
Glue sticks
Craft glue
Wooden framed paintings

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