Monday, August 24, 2009

Just another Manic Monday!

I feel like since I decided to stay home and make this crafting/art thing my full time gig. I haven't done anything. I barely got my act together for the Big A$$ Craft Show and I have started on some things for Strangefolk, but that is all. I went to Leftovers trying to get all inspired and though I got great finds. I have still done next to nothing. Today I finally got all set up to take photos of all my leftovers from Big A$$ and the camera batteries went dead two photos in. Come to find out it was a good thing as there was something on the lens that I could not see and the two photos came out blurry. My kids have started school and are back on schedule, but I am not. I am napping once they are off to school and have no energy at all.
Here is a pic that my son took of himself that kind of explains how I feel.

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