Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday's Family Feature

I figured I would get all of the dogs out of the way before I start with my kiddos.
Patches is our French Bulldog and Pitbull mix. She is the Princess of the house. We adopted her from the APA of Missouri and that was the name they gave her. We decided to keep it as not to confuse her. We had just lost our dog and beloved family member Bruiser a little over a month and I had decided we needed a pet to fill the gap left in our hearts.

At first Patches was the only furry child and she was fine with that. She is a little grumpy and will do the leave me alone growl to let you know when she has had enough loving, etc.(mostly to the kids). She became the Princess when we got our two Boston puppies. She wanted nothing to do with the male at all and will play with the female only at her leisure. If you are petting Patches or she is laying with you and one of the Bostons comes over she will growl, get up and leave. Too funny! She is too good to share! She loves the water as we discovered when we got a pool. She jumped right in and would bite at the water if the kids splashed her or if a hose is turned at her. She really is a good dog, just a little snotty.

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