Saturday, August 29, 2009

Featured Artist Beqi Clothing

I am going to try and do a featured artist each week. This week is my good friend and fellow St. Louis Craft Mafia member Beqi of Beqi Clothing. Now if you haven't checked out her clothing, jewelry, purses or accessories yet, you should! Not only is the girl beautiful (see her pic), the girl can sew, assemble jewelry and sing!
I give you Beqi Clothing

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your shop:

I'm a post-punk, post-rockabilly chick who likes to make clothes. I've been sewing for myself since about 1985, and sewing for others since 2000. One day I discovered I was a terrible employee, but a fantastic boss, so I quit my graphic design job and strapped myself to a sewing machine. Over 10,000 items later, I'm still going strong.

2. What is your favorite item from your own shop?

The last thing I've finished. :) This year, I have several: the Diablo Dress, Burlesque Skirt, Peacock Tee, Luscious Earrings, and Rock Candy Skirt are all samples I kept for myself and wear constantly.

3. Who or what gives you inspiration?

I never know exactly how to answer this question. I've suppose I've been paying attention to the way people clothe themselves since I was a poor teenager in a rich high school, but it wasn't until I discovered punk that I started to have fun with it. I see things and modes of dress I like everywhere from John Waters movies to tattoo magazines to the people sitting in dive bars around the South Side. I have no filter--if I like it, I incorporate it into my style and hope it fits.

4. Explain your art- what exactly is it you do?

It's more craft than art, but I make and design clothing and jewelry for young (or young-thinking) women who like beautiful, well-made clothing that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I do the same thing your gramma did, I sew, and I sew a LOT. I love sewing so much, I take my machine on my vacations sometimes.

5. What is your favorite project you've finished so far?

Of all time? Man, that's a hard one. Probably the Tattooed Lady Dress from a few years ago. It was a fantastic print, and I must have made 1000 of them over several seasons. It was my best seller, and I was very sad when they stopped making that print. But that's the great thing about fabric and beads. There are always new ones to discover. ;)

*Where can we find your work (Etsy shop, blog, retail locations, etc.)

City Museum Gift Shop
Circa Boutique (Belleville)
Dragonfly Designs (Eureka)
Cooperella House of Art (Maplewood)
Maven (Maplewood)
Fifi's (U. City)
Cranky Yellow (Cherokee District)
Pudd'nhead Books (Webster Groves)


Debbie said...

Great stuff and what a wonderful idea for a post.
Stopped by from SITS.

Senora Muertos said...

Debbie, thanks for stopping by!

Allison said...

I wonder if this is the fabric Beqi's talking about:

Senora Muertos said...

I think it's the same but in black.

Beqi Clothing said...

Thanx, Leash! It looks great! Anyone who wants to see Senora Muertos's interview with me, go to and click on the blog link.


Nadirah Angail said...

wow you made all those? they look wonderful. Thanks for coming by.