Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mark your Calendars for The Big Ass Indie Art & Craft Show

Leslie Hall and the Ly's will be performing Friday night. If you haven't seen her yet check her out on Youtube, she is hilarious!

Make sure to check out the Upcycle Exchange for recycled items you can bring to receive coupons for either goodies or discounts at a later date for participating vendors. I will be one of them.

Here is my list of items I am asking for

micro brew and import bottle caps
cork boards/bulletin boards
old bowling trophies
stryofoam cones
stryofoam balls
vintage glass ornaments
wooden shadow box/es (any size)
dish soap bottles
wall paper paste
glitter and glitter glue
wooden or plastic spools @ least 1 foot high
glass prayer candles (with wax all used)
wooden crates (no larger than 3 feet)
old wooden jewelry boxes
red lace trim
any fabric with skulls, leopard or zebra on it
any color of tulle (other than white)
copper sheeting (any size)
solder and or flux
small religious statues
wooden crosses (any size)
vintage hard plastic carry on makeup case
ball fringe any color
loteria cards
unused in good condition sculpey/fimo clay
plastic organizing bins (at least 1 foot in length or width)
cigar boxes


Peterson Family said...

That video was great!

I am going to talk to my hubby about getting you some bottle caps. (He's a manager at a country club!).Could you use any wine corks? He could probably get you some of those too!

Senora Muertos said...

Lori, that would be great! I just ask that they are not domestic. I can sift through them though and pass on the ones I won't use. I prefer to support local and smaller companies.
I have always wanted to make a bulletin board with wine corks, so yes I will take those too! said...

Peterson Family sent me to you.
completely dig it!!!
I follow you now!!

Senora Muertos said...

Brittany, thanks for following me! I love your work!!!!