Sunday, July 5, 2009

Family and Friends at Missouri Botanical Garden

So I thought I would start sharing more about my family and friends. They are both great!

This Wednesday I went to the Missouri Botanical Garden with my friends Sarah and Catie and their families. We all have kids and they all play great together. Wednesday the Garden is free for St. Louis City and County residents before noon. So we packed some picnic lunches though you are not technically supposed to picnic and off we went.

I love the Garden! My stepfather worked there when I was a child and I spent a good deal of my childhood there so every time I go it brings back memories. It has changed some since I was a kid, but all for the better. The flowers were blooming like crazy and it was just lush and beautiful! I let the kids take turn taking pictures and they came out with some pretty good ones. And since we couldn't picnic we grazed. We stopped at benches or spots all throughout the garden and just snacked. This was perfect for the kids as I don't think they would of stayed still long enough for an actual picnic.

Here are some of the pics the kids took.

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