Thursday, June 4, 2009

This is now my full time gig

Today is the first day of my kids summer vacation and I am already frustrated. They are fighting already. Ugh! I have got to find lots of ways to distract them, preferably cheap. (Idea gladly accepted!)

This summer will be different than most. I quit my part time job. Between kids getting sick, my health (I get terrible debilitating migraines), trying to find child care of the summer, etc. It just made sense for me to quit. I have quite a few venues I am vending at this year so this opened up my time to concentrate fully on my art.
I am excited about this venture and also a little scared too. This is my third week of being home and it is great. My house is much cleaner, though it took me all this time to get it there. I have dinner ready at a decent time and it is not stressful like it was on the days I worked.

I am currently working on my craft room/area. We had some shelves there that we had to rip out and move. Installed are some 50's pink aluminum cabinets that we got for free. I am working on figuring out some counter space running the length of the cabinets and all along my craft area wall. I am also slowly getting organized. I horde things and people also give me supplies I use like my Dawn dish soap bottles for my Catrina's or styrofoam, etc. I need these supplies eventually, but they do take up a lot of space. Once I get organized I am going to work on a huge wall size cork bulletin board to hang my inspiration photos and other fun stuff I find. I plan to paint the two dressers I have down stairs along with the one table I have a the kitchen island cabinet too. The walls are mint green, which I am not fond of, but can't afford to paint over. So I am going to try and find a way to incorporate lots of colors that I love. I also want some shelves to hold my toy collectibles. I have some great Elvis dolls (big fan) and a bunch of Star Wars toys too. Plus other little fun stuff I find. So lots of work to do. I will take pics later and post them tonight or tomorrow of my work in progress.

I started some great pieces yesterday while at a friends house crafting. I have a lady skeleton in a blue dress (which will be glittered). She has red horns and a red tail. Her name will be Devil in a Blue Dress after the song. Next is another Day of the Dead Mermaid. I love doing these and people really like them too. I have one Day of the Dead wedding couple and a Day of the Dead (skeleton man) in a brown business suit. I also started another bride and a sacred heart. I plan to work on these over the weekend and then I will also be doing some bottle cap jewelry and some bottle cap magnets, plus more Sugar Skull magnets and some more maracas.

I will be at Tower Grove Farmers Market again on June 13th and I will be in Belleville for the Metro East Pride Fest.


Allison said...

Hey--how about a couple layers of blackboard paint over the green? It's magnetic, and you can write on it with chalk (child entertainment) and you can get it at Lowe's...

Senora Muertos said...

The walls are concrete or stone, so they are too bumpy. But I am going to use both techniques some how down there.