Friday, June 5, 2009

My new/used 50's pink metal cabinets in my craft room

Here are three pics of my cabinets in my craft area partially filled. The will eventually be filled to capacity. I will post pics now and then of my craft area as it is a work in progress. Notice the ugly mint green paint on the basement walls. It was there when we bought the house and we just haven't had the time or money to redo them. So I have to work around them. I am going to install pegboard and cork board under the cabinets to the counter top that will eventually be there. Again it is a work in progress.


Lori said...

You know, I am digging the pink cabinets. I love pink and those are cool! You could always buy some cheap paint at Wal-Mart and invite your friends over for a painting party for the walls! You know you have friends (like myself!) who love to paint!

Senora Muertos said...

Lori, you rock! Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately they are stone or concrete so they have to be painted with that waterproofing stuff and it is so damned expensive. Ugh!