Saturday, June 27, 2009

My get my ass in gear list

So since I have left my job I haven't really gotten myself organized. It's been really frustrating to say the least! I want to do my art/crafts full time and make some money at it, but I have been sitting on my ass watching tv or reading more than crafting. A good friend told me to make a list to help myself get organized and pumped about it. I thought it would be a great idea to post it here to kind of give me the incentive to follow through.

1. Finish organizing craft area (even if I only do one hour a day, I will get there eventually)

2. Craft at least two hours a day (now this is the complete minimum! I have too many craft shows coming up and I need to start listing on etsy too.)

3. Take picture of item once it is finished

4. Build decent light box

5. Visit forums I like daily, i.e., cutoutandkeep, etc.

6. Start listing on etsy. Even if it is only two items a day. (I haven't listed on etsy in way over a year)

7. Get pic portfolio together, some better business cards and start hitting those local stores about caring your stuff

8. Blog at least every other day, come up with some fun stuff not related to crafting, but that will interest readers

9. Come up with some tutorials, these always draw readers in

10. Visit the etsy forums at least twice a week to post and get your name out there

11. Don't lose focus! You wanted to stay home and do this full time, you can do it and your art is good enough to do this!

12. Come up with an idea book, look over it often to keep the ideas flowing

13. Get your bulletin board downstairs together so you can start posting ideas around you to inspire you

14. Be positive!

15. Do at least 2 hrs of house work a day and come up with a daily cleaning schedule for you and the kids, so you won't run into the "I should be cleaning the house not crafting guilt." You can break these into 15 min or increments if needed.
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16. Spend at least an hour hanging with the kids daily so you don't loose the perspective of why you are doing this.

I think that is good for now. I might have to redo it now and then, but it works for now!

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