Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Green with Indie, Upcoming Craft Shows, ideas and Schlafly Bottle caps

So I have the Green with Indie craft show coming up in March and I hope to do St. Louis Earth Day Festival with the other STL Craft Mafia. Sarah & I are going to have a booth 6 dates for Tower Grove Market. I am going to try like all hell to get in to Schlafly Art outside and then what ever else I can get into. I hope to do well this spring/summer. I want to sell, sell, sell. I am going to build a new bigger photo box so I can take good pictures of my wares. I would like to eventually make a photo portfolio of all my works to take to a few businesses in the area to see if they would like to carry my stuff and also to have a craft shows so people can see what I can do and maybe get ideas for a custom order.

I went with my STL Craft Mafia friend Allison of Squaresville to Leftovers, etc. on Saturday to pick up some recyclables and some ideas for all these upcoming shows. I found a super cool bowling trophy that has a small wooden bowling pin on it. I plan to try and paper mache' over the woman bowler to make her into a Day of the Dead bowler and thus making a Day of the Dead bowling trophy. I thought it would be fun! I got a few other ideas while there. One is to take the glass out of a cool picture frame and then back it with foam core. Then build a 3D Sugar Skull or Day of the Dead person/scenario off of the foam core. I am quite excited about it, but have yet to get down to doing what I need to do. Craft procrastination! Ugh!

I need Schlafly bottlecaps. Lots of them! So if you are reading this and you or someone you know drinks Schlafly, for every 24 Schafly bottle caps you get to me I will give you one Sugar Skull or bottle cap magnet. Email me for details.

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Courtney said...

Any excuse to drink more beer is good with me. I'll save some up for you.

I need to get to Leftovers- that place sounds amazing.