Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sideshow/Circus Freaks and Day of the Dead, Oh Yeah!

So my crafting area is almost clean. I have been cleaning my ass off all day along with my assistant (6yr old daughter). I now have to craft as I
1. need to finish the Sugar Skull for my contest winner (had a mold problem, it happens)
2. I will be participating in The Big Ass Indie Art and Craft show, December 5th, 6th and 7th at Mad Art Gallery. Along with some members of the St. Louis Craft Mafia and other local artists and crafters.


3. The holidays are right around the corner and everyone will be getting at least one handmade gift. We will see how far I can go with this.

*****Circus/Sideshow Freaks turned Day of the Dead*********

So I came up with a great idea to do Circus/Sideshow Freaks turned Day of the Dead. Some friends of ours had a Halloween party and she was the knife thrower's assistant and she had knives sticking out of her and her boyfriend was the tattoed strong man complete with a handlebar mustache (which wouldn't stay on unfortunately ) and some old school blow up weights. Great costumes. Then I watched Ancient Ink and they talked about the first tattooed women in America who were basically sideshow freaks. Well folks I decided I have to turn yet another love of mine into Day of the Dead figures. Yay!

I will eventually have

The Bearded Fat Lady (swimming in her too big clothes since she is a skeleton)
The World's Tallest Man
The World's smallest Woman
The Dog Faced Boy
The Mermaid Girl
The Strong Man
The Tattooed lady
Siamese Twins
The half man/half woman
The snake charmer
Lobster boy
Fire eater

I might have to do a crazy side show ring master (per my son) and a fortune teller too (also per my son)

Then my oh so creative son came up with

an hanging escape artist in a water tank
man on a bed of nails

If you think of any I missed please let me know. Some things won't translate due it being a skeleton (pushing it with the tattooed lady).

I hope to have most of these done in time for Big Ass, but that might be pushing it.