Sunday, September 14, 2008

Taking pictures with a lightbox, new jewelry, craft show display and banner

This weekend was a good weekend. I went to my friend Sarah and James and started my jewelry ( when my supplies came at 6pm on Friday). Our kids always have fun playing together and Sarah and I bounce ideas off each other and can talk about anything really. We just go from one subject to the other and I never get bored talking with her. So all around good night!

Saturday I went to Leftovers with fellow craft mafia member Allison and ran into fellow craft mafia members Nancy, DeAnn and Kate B.. Leftovers is this wonderful store that started out as a resource for teachers and now sells to the public too. It has all recycled items and has all these neat little displays to show you how to use recyclable items for art and other great ideas. I found a bunch of old big film spools and some wooden spools that I am going to dress up for my craft show displays. I will get some pics once they are done. I then went to lunch with my mom and to Hobby Lobby and the Dollar store for yet more supplies.
I picked up red ball fringe to use on my craft banner. I am so excited about this. It is going to look so cool! Hubby was out of town in Indianapolis for the Moto Gp races (motorcycle races). I am patiently awaiting his return. The kids were good for me though. No real problems and I was able to make a good meal each day although I was crafting too. Over all great weekend!

Today I had to apply for an upcoming craft show and decided to try using a lightbox. Now the one I made worked pretty well. It needs to be tweaked a little and I definitely need a bigger one, but you can see how well it worked here.

The pics of the jewelry are some new pieces that I did over the weekend and that I will be selling at Strange Folk.

Tell me what you think of the pics.


Fatt Daddy said...

That really did help with the pics. Your stuff is so cool!

Senora Muertos said...

Thanks! You know your stuff rocks!

Allison said...

Dig the light box! How does it work?
And Satan earrings? I can wear them to work so kids can see their father all day!
We actually did nickname a girl "Satan's Daughter". It's nicknames or hard drinking for teachers, and names are cheaper.

Senora Muertos said...

The light box was really easy to make. Took a cardboard box, cut out a square in the center on the sides and top leaving an inch all around. Then cover the box with white paper all on the insides, including the holes you cut out. You then need a lamp with a swinging arm or clip on to put almost directly on top of the hole on the top. I plan to build a bigger one, so maybe I will do a tutorial with pics. Has to wait until after Strangefolk though.