Thursday, September 4, 2008

Crafting along and sculpey

So I had some sculpey clay that I had for a few weeks and when I got it out it was hard. There was no reconditioning it. This was a brand new package that I got at Hobby Lobby. I however did not have the receipt. So I emailed scupley and complained as the packaging is crap. Well the customer service rep offered to mail me a replacement pack and samples of their new product. Great customer service! I will buy scupley again, I will however open and check the package to make sure it is still pliable.

Well I have made quite a few things with sculpey for the upcoming Strangefolk Festival. I have two wedding couples (different heighths), a small diablo, a diablo and angel that will represent Heaven and Hell, the Lady of Guadalupe as a skeleton and a few small skulls for my flower hair bobby pins. I have painted the shadow boxes, some woooden crosses, some jewelry boxes and coat pegs that I will adorn with Loteria cards. My sugar skull magnets are looking great too. I am awaiting some more wheat wall paper paste to start on all the armatures I have. I am moving along quite well. Just need to keep up the momento.

Jewelry is something I am going to start doing more of. I have done a few bottle cap pieces, but I am going all out now. I found some great sites to get me started. I am going to see how well things sell before I go crazy though. It is all so exciting though!

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