Thursday, September 11, 2008

Business Cards and upcoming weekly features

I needed business cards. I kept playing with what kind of logo I wanted and I was going to draw up my own sugar skull and then I was going to use a pic of one of my pieces and finally I came up with this.

I am now going to do some t-shirts with that photo also. I really like it. It is the pic of the tattoo rose sugar skull that everyone seems to really like. I just tweaked it in a photo editing program. Easy enough. I like it! Tell me what you think.

So I am toying around with doing a couple of weekly features. One is pics that my son takes of what the puppies chewed this week. We adopted two Boston Terrier puppies in December. Pee Wee is a male and he is 15 months old and Lulu is a female and she will be one year old in October. They are steadily teething and chewing on anything they can get their little puppy paws on. We have lost many a Polly Pocket, Littlest Pet Shop, Comic book hero and Star Wars character among other things. My son likes to take photos and this will only hone his skills and give everyone else a little laugh.

The other I would like to try is to feature a Milagro (mexican prayer charm) each week. Maybe show what it looks like (photo) and maybe a photo of past work I have used it in. Then go in to what the prayer or wish you might use the charm for. (i.e. baby charm....fertility, to protect a new baby, to offer thanks for a new baby, for a baby's good health, to honor a child that has passed, etc.)

Bear with me as I try to start these up.

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~dani~ said...

Thanx for the sweet comment on my pieces. I put so much time into them it is nice to hear when another artist is inspired by them. Thanx bunches~Dani~
You should come check out It is a marketplace just for Halloween & Christmas art all year long. I will have some interesting Skelly pieces this month on there. We update on the 13th of each month so midnite tonite/tomorrow! Look for Ambitions Design...thats me!