Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to frugality and recycling

So when I started out crafting to try and make some extra cash I was pretty frugal. My hippy Uncle, who baby sat my siblings and I all the time, taught us to us what ever we had around us. I tried to use as many recyclables as possible, get supplies at thrift stores, yard sales, hand me downs from friends, trying to buy as little as possible. But, then I got annoyed with not having things I needed when I needed them. Not to mention all the cool stuff when you go to a craft store. I could spend a $100.00 each time I went easily if I let myself. Well I recently spent a buttload of money on different supplies and I am wondering how much I need some of this stuff. My art was just as good before. So I am going to try to make an equal amount of recyclables to bought supply ratio in each piece. I can do this!
Here are some of the things I use that are recylables.

1. coffee mate creamer bottle or dish soap bottles ( the curvy bodies of my Catrinas and some of my bowling pin like Halloween figures)

2. kleenex boxes (base for a paper mache' shadow box or diorama) This is a new find and I have not done this yet.

3. flat styrofoam ( I use this for basic shapes, torsoes, etc.)

4. bottle caps (for bottle cap jewelry or for my wooden crosses)

5. old costume jewelry (this is a new one too)

6. wire hangers (basic armatures for my figures)

I know there is more, I just can't think of them off the top of my head.

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