Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thank you! Big Ass Craft Show huge success!

I am sorry I have not posted to say Thank you sooner, but Cordi and I have not felt well the last couple of days. We are both feeling much better today though.

I just wanted to say Thank you to everyone who came out to the Big Ass Indie Art & Craft show. It was a huge success! I had a rocking time hanging with my fellow crafters and the Mad Art Gallery staff. Seriously these people rock! We had a packed house on Friday night for the Burlesque dancers, Clownvis (Clown Elvis impersonator) and the rock Dj. It was steady the on Sat. and Sunday and the crowds were buying. I wished I could have finished my Circus freaks in time, but that is okay. Next craft show. So again thanks to everyone who came out and to all the STLCM and Mad Art Gallery people who made this happen. I can't wait for next time!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Big Ass Indie Art & Craft Fair

All right ya' all! It is almost time for the Big Ass Indie Art & Craft Fair.
This Friday, Dec. 5th from 7pm to 11pm, Sat. from 10am to 8pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm at Mad Art Gallery.

I did not get my Circus freaks done in time. I just took on too many things this time. But they are a current work in progress. So look for them in the future.

Hope to see you all at Big Ass. I will be working all night Friday night, all day Saturday and later in the afternoon on Sunday. I will be the amazonian tall, plus size red head, probably wearing black with a skull of some kind in my hair if you have questions or just want to say hi.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sideshow/Circus Freaks and Day of the Dead, Oh Yeah!

So my crafting area is almost clean. I have been cleaning my ass off all day along with my assistant (6yr old daughter). I now have to craft as I
1. need to finish the Sugar Skull for my contest winner (had a mold problem, it happens)
2. I will be participating in The Big Ass Indie Art and Craft show, December 5th, 6th and 7th at Mad Art Gallery. Along with some members of the St. Louis Craft Mafia and other local artists and crafters.


3. The holidays are right around the corner and everyone will be getting at least one handmade gift. We will see how far I can go with this.

*****Circus/Sideshow Freaks turned Day of the Dead*********

So I came up with a great idea to do Circus/Sideshow Freaks turned Day of the Dead. Some friends of ours had a Halloween party and she was the knife thrower's assistant and she had knives sticking out of her and her boyfriend was the tattoed strong man complete with a handlebar mustache (which wouldn't stay on unfortunately ) and some old school blow up weights. Great costumes. Then I watched Ancient Ink and they talked about the first tattooed women in America who were basically sideshow freaks. Well folks I decided I have to turn yet another love of mine into Day of the Dead figures. Yay!

I will eventually have

The Bearded Fat Lady (swimming in her too big clothes since she is a skeleton)
The World's Tallest Man
The World's smallest Woman
The Dog Faced Boy
The Mermaid Girl
The Strong Man
The Tattooed lady
Siamese Twins
The half man/half woman
The snake charmer
Lobster boy
Fire eater

I might have to do a crazy side show ring master (per my son) and a fortune teller too (also per my son)

Then my oh so creative son came up with

an hanging escape artist in a water tank
man on a bed of nails

If you think of any I missed please let me know. Some things won't translate due it being a skeleton (pushing it with the tattooed lady).

I hope to have most of these done in time for Big Ass, but that might be pushing it.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

**Winner Of the Dia de los Muertos Giveaway**

The lucky winner of the Dia de los Muertos giveaway is Ursuladiamond. I will be emailing you so that we can brainstorm your idea for a Dia de los Muertos figure.
To all the others, you are not losers, you just didn't win this time. Please check back on my blog often for giveaways.

I will try to do an update of ursuladiamond's figure in progress and definitely a pic of the finished work. So stay tuned!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Strange Folk Festival pics

Here are tons of pics of my booth, new banner with matching table cloths and new displays along with lots of pics on my lovelies of which most of the sold. Yay!
I will again thank everyone who stopped by my booth to either purchase a loverly of mine, complimented me on my wares or booth or just chatted. I appreciate it and I really look forward to next year.
To Autumn, you rock so hard! Strangefolk was a huge success and all the customers and vendors that I talked with agreed! Job well done!

Thanks again!

Also, I mentioned to many customers, admirers that I will gladly do custom orders. So while you are looking at these pics, think about what kind of Day of the Dead figure could I do for you and then feel free to ask me about it.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Strangefolk Festival and thank you's

I want to thank all the people who stopped at my booth yesterday and either bought something or commented on my wares and displays/banner, etc. Strangefolk has been very successful so far and I am highly pleased! I have had tons of wonderfully nice people come in and ask questions and share my obsession. Wonderful! If you haven't made it to Strangefolk yet, hope to see ya there today!
Thanks again to my lovely customers, friendly remarkers and Autumn who just put on a rocking craft fair!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Strangefolk Festival and free contest from Beqi Clothing

Check it out ya'all, Strangefolk Festival made it on the Craftzine blog today. Yay!

Strangefolk Festival

After checking that out, please go check out my friend Beqi of
Beqi Clothing.

When you are done checking out her awesome clothing and accessories, got to the bottom of the page and go to her blog. She is having an awesome giveaway and you want to win her giveaway trust me!!!
Here are some more details:

Going on from now until the end of September, 3 random commenters on her blog will receive FREE gifts from Beqi Clothing! Leave your comments on her blog telling her the following things: how you found her, what your favourite item of this season is so far, and what your favourite colour is. As long as you leave an email link with your name, She'll contact you to let you know you've won. Contest over at midnight, September 30. Winners will be chosen at random, friends and family of Beqi not eligible. (sorry!)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Craft show banners, displays, etc.

So I have blogged in forever, or so it seems. I am crafting my little butt off trying to get ready for Strangefolk Festvial this weekend. I am very excited about this! I have almost all of my paper mache' pieces done. Need to clear coat them and add a few embellishments. They all look super kick ass. I spent the evening Friday, with my good friend Sarah trying to create some jewelry. I am getting the hang of it. I just don't like to count. I have some great Sugar Skull magnets made, my clay pieces are done and just need the final touch. I still have to do my bottle caps, but I am getting there. I will do those tomorrow as I think they will take a little time. I worked on my displays some yesterday and my banner today. The banner is almost done. I am just hoping that I make some money, because I have spent waaaayyy more than I should have to try to pull this all together. I know I can always put my stuff up on Etsy or save it for Big Ass Indie Art and Craft show, but selling it all this weekend would be great! Well back to the grind!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I don't like Mondays

To quote my good friend today "Mondays suck!" and to quote the Boomtown Rats" I don't like, I don't like, I don't like Mondays!". I could not get any sleep last night. I have a craft show (Strangefolk Festival) at the end of the month and I laid there in bed worrying about what I still had to do. Then at work all day I was writing lists, checking this and that and basically freaking out. I have alot to do before the craft show including put my displays together, make a banner and tablecloths. That is on top of all the crafting to get my crafty wares done in time. I want to do so much and I have so little time. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!
I am counting down the minutes until work is over and I can leave and go home and craft. I told my family today that I would be serving a lot of leftovers, sandwiches, ramen noodles and canned food for the rest of the month. It won't be everyday, but it will be rare to have a good homecooked meal now that I am in freak out mode. Thankfully my family is understanding!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Taking pictures with a lightbox, new jewelry, craft show display and banner

This weekend was a good weekend. I went to my friend Sarah and James and started my jewelry ( when my supplies came at 6pm on Friday). Our kids always have fun playing together and Sarah and I bounce ideas off each other and can talk about anything really. We just go from one subject to the other and I never get bored talking with her. So all around good night!

Saturday I went to Leftovers with fellow craft mafia member Allison and ran into fellow craft mafia members Nancy, DeAnn and Kate B.. Leftovers is this wonderful store that started out as a resource for teachers and now sells to the public too. It has all recycled items and has all these neat little displays to show you how to use recyclable items for art and other great ideas. I found a bunch of old big film spools and some wooden spools that I am going to dress up for my craft show displays. I will get some pics once they are done. I then went to lunch with my mom and to Hobby Lobby and the Dollar store for yet more supplies.
I picked up red ball fringe to use on my craft banner. I am so excited about this. It is going to look so cool! Hubby was out of town in Indianapolis for the Moto Gp races (motorcycle races). I am patiently awaiting his return. The kids were good for me though. No real problems and I was able to make a good meal each day although I was crafting too. Over all great weekend!

Today I had to apply for an upcoming craft show and decided to try using a lightbox. Now the one I made worked pretty well. It needs to be tweaked a little and I definitely need a bigger one, but you can see how well it worked here.

The pics of the jewelry are some new pieces that I did over the weekend and that I will be selling at Strange Folk.

Tell me what you think of the pics.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Etsy bloggers Street Team/Blog Carnival post about my favorite color red

I an effort to help me keep up my blogging I joined the Etsybloggers Street team. The street team does a blog carnivals weekly and you can choose from topics to blog about. I choose to blog about my favorite color and to show it in my work.

My favorite color is red. My favorite flower is red roses. Red seems to be a dominate color second to black in all of my work. Red is supposedly a power color, but that is not why I like it. It is a strong color, bold, it reminds me of fire, which is mesmerizing and soothing when it warms you. Blood is something else that comes to mind when I think of red. Blood is so strange to me. It is the life force that flows through us and is bluish under the skin, dark red when in a larger quantity (like in a vial of a blood sample) and bright red when we are cut, scrapped, etc. Red is also the dominate color for Valentines day which signifies love. Red is a passionate color and you can see that represented in any Renaissance painting. Red is the color of the devil/Diablo which with my Catholic upbringing is still such an oddity to me. El Corazon, the loteria card with the heart is my favorite Loteria card and I am guessing it is due to the red in it. My daughter will even tell me how red is my favorite color anytime I am painting with it. Funny thing I can’t wear red though. I am a redheaded Irish girl with a snow white tan and freckles, I look pink when I wear red. I can’t even wear red lipstick or red nail polish, this sucks! My children both look great in red. Maybe it is just because I love the color. I could get all cheesy now and quote a Sammy Hagar song, but instead I will just leave you now and hope that the song doesn’t get stuck in your head now like it is in mine. Dang it!!
What are some other songs about red?
1. Lady in Red (bad 80’s song)
2. Paint it Black (Rolling Stones ) “I see a red door and I want to paint it black.”
I can’t think of any more right now. I need more caffeine. LOL!

One of my wooden crosses with the Loteria card El Corazon.

Oh yeah! I got my replacement Sculpey clay today with a sample of the new Ultra light sculpey. It is a small sample, but it is Ultra light. Again Sculpey has the greatest customer service! Yay Sculpey!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Business Cards and upcoming weekly features

I needed business cards. I kept playing with what kind of logo I wanted and I was going to draw up my own sugar skull and then I was going to use a pic of one of my pieces and finally I came up with this.

I am now going to do some t-shirts with that photo also. I really like it. It is the pic of the tattoo rose sugar skull that everyone seems to really like. I just tweaked it in a photo editing program. Easy enough. I like it! Tell me what you think.

So I am toying around with doing a couple of weekly features. One is pics that my son takes of what the puppies chewed this week. We adopted two Boston Terrier puppies in December. Pee Wee is a male and he is 15 months old and Lulu is a female and she will be one year old in October. They are steadily teething and chewing on anything they can get their little puppy paws on. We have lost many a Polly Pocket, Littlest Pet Shop, Comic book hero and Star Wars character among other things. My son likes to take photos and this will only hone his skills and give everyone else a little laugh.

The other I would like to try is to feature a Milagro (mexican prayer charm) each week. Maybe show what it looks like (photo) and maybe a photo of past work I have used it in. Then go in to what the prayer or wish you might use the charm for. (i.e. baby charm....fertility, to protect a new baby, to offer thanks for a new baby, for a baby's good health, to honor a child that has passed, etc.)

Bear with me as I try to start these up.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One of kind Dia de los Muertos figure *Giveaway*

So if you have been reading you know I am trying to pump up my blog and get some viewers. Well I have been reading lots! One tip was to have a giveway of some kind.
So.... I am offering a OOAK Dia de los Muertos figure or paper mache' Sugar Skull of the winners design specifications for one lucky winner. I will draw randomly one name at the end of the month and then the winner can choose what type of figure or sugar skull they would like. i.e. (soccer player, cook, teacher, dog, cat, beautician, someone's profession or the likeness of a loved one who has passed). Basically whatever the winner wants to do. I can be as creative as you will allow.

So if you are interested in winning, please post a comment and leave your email addy or subscribe to my blog or add me to your favorites links or blog list and leave your blog name in the comment. Please try to leave where you found me in the comment too.

Again I will draw a name on Sept. 30th and will contact the winner that day.

(To get an idea of my work, make sure to read my past posts or check out my slideshow)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Blogging for your business and pleasure

So I have been reading up on blogging and how to market yourself on your blog, etc. I am learning quite a bit and hopefully one day I will blog and give out those tips myself. But until then I am trying hard to find a happy medium between blogging to help promote my business and blogging for the fun of it.

With the type of items that I make I really need to market myself well as there is a limited amount of people who will buy Dia de los Muertos and other Mexican inspired folk art from a Midwest Irish Girl. But I love the stuff, I have the ability to make it and the passion above all else. Or maybe obsession is a better word for it. I look at everyday things and wonder how I can cover it with glitter, skulls or make it into a Dia de los Muertos masterpiece. I guess this is a good thing because I have an endless supply of ideas. Maybe too many really as it feels like I just will never get to everything I want to do. One day, one day! A girl has to dream.

Anyways, bear with me as I try to build up my blog and my business and ramble on about other things in my life.

Friday, September 5, 2008

St. Louis Weather and crafting

What is it with the weather here in St. Louis? I have lived here all my life, but I will never get used to it. Monday is was hot and muggy. Today I am sitting here typing with a blanket over me. We have window units so I don't want to turn them off completely because tomorrow it could be hot again. Ugh!

I got a lot accomplished yesterday and today I am ordering the rest of my supplies to make my jewelry. I am very excited about this.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Crafting along and sculpey

So I had some sculpey clay that I had for a few weeks and when I got it out it was hard. There was no reconditioning it. This was a brand new package that I got at Hobby Lobby. I however did not have the receipt. So I emailed scupley and complained as the packaging is crap. Well the customer service rep offered to mail me a replacement pack and samples of their new product. Great customer service! I will buy scupley again, I will however open and check the package to make sure it is still pliable.

Well I have made quite a few things with sculpey for the upcoming Strangefolk Festival. I have two wedding couples (different heighths), a small diablo, a diablo and angel that will represent Heaven and Hell, the Lady of Guadalupe as a skeleton and a few small skulls for my flower hair bobby pins. I have painted the shadow boxes, some woooden crosses, some jewelry boxes and coat pegs that I will adorn with Loteria cards. My sugar skull magnets are looking great too. I am awaiting some more wheat wall paper paste to start on all the armatures I have. I am moving along quite well. Just need to keep up the momento.

Jewelry is something I am going to start doing more of. I have done a few bottle cap pieces, but I am going all out now. I found some great sites to get me started. I am going to see how well things sell before I go crazy though. It is all so exciting though!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to frugality and recycling

So when I started out crafting to try and make some extra cash I was pretty frugal. My hippy Uncle, who baby sat my siblings and I all the time, taught us to us what ever we had around us. I tried to use as many recyclables as possible, get supplies at thrift stores, yard sales, hand me downs from friends, trying to buy as little as possible. But, then I got annoyed with not having things I needed when I needed them. Not to mention all the cool stuff when you go to a craft store. I could spend a $100.00 each time I went easily if I let myself. Well I recently spent a buttload of money on different supplies and I am wondering how much I need some of this stuff. My art was just as good before. So I am going to try to make an equal amount of recyclables to bought supply ratio in each piece. I can do this!
Here are some of the things I use that are recylables.

1. coffee mate creamer bottle or dish soap bottles ( the curvy bodies of my Catrinas and some of my bowling pin like Halloween figures)

2. kleenex boxes (base for a paper mache' shadow box or diorama) This is a new find and I have not done this yet.

3. flat styrofoam ( I use this for basic shapes, torsoes, etc.)

4. bottle caps (for bottle cap jewelry or for my wooden crosses)

5. old costume jewelry (this is a new one too)

6. wire hangers (basic armatures for my figures)

I know there is more, I just can't think of them off the top of my head.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So I am crafting my butt off to have lots and lots of goodies for the Strangfolk Festival. I have some new sugar skull fridge magnets. I am also going to try and make some tin nichos (wish me luck here) and finally I am going to do a new version of the skull barrette with fabric bows with great prints and then a little skull or sugar skull accent. Plus I am doing tons of primitive or vintage looking Halloween figures. I am very excited about this. So be sure to come check me out at the Strangefolk Festival in O'Fallon, Il on September 27th and 28th. Check out the website here and see the great list of 120 vendors. Woohoo!

Friday, August 22, 2008

St. Louis Craft Mafia on Show Me St. Louis

Here is a link to the video of me and other members of the St. Louis Craft Mafia on Show Me St. Louis. Overall I think they did a great job and it was cute. I however wished I would of thought more on my responses to their questions. But, live and learn. But it was still great coverage for the Mafia and hopefully it will drum up some business for all of us.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pics from CRAFTANOSTRA continued

CRAFTANOSTRA Update and pics of new stuff

Thanks to all of you who came out to CRAFTANOSTRA . My sales were not record high, but I have to say that the set up and the evening in general went very smooth. I now have to get ready for Strangefolk. Yay!
So check out the new pics and tell me what you think!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Celebrate the summer of craft with the St. Louis Craft Mafia at our annual indie craft show.
August 9th, 2008 from 7pm to 11pm at Cooperella in Maplewood (2743 Sutton, Maplewood).

Shop handmade everything - art, accessories, plush, jewelry, punk-baby, home decor and more.
Where else can you find the best plush monsters, photography, aprons, charms, Chibi, & potholders in town? All handmade by local crafters and artists.

I will have a great new selection of Dia de los Muertos paper mache' sculptures, including Elvis, Frida, a luchador, a gangster, a cat and a few more.

Check us out in the RFT

and here

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Warning for Art and Craft Vendors

This happened to a friend of mine and fellow crafter this weekend and wanted to pass it on as a warning.

From my friend:

Well, I'm back after a useless day at OLTA, and I have a warning for any St. Louis artisans or crafters who may be contacted by Don Erickson or Art Coop in the future. OLTA's outside booths took place in a back parking lot behind a building--invisible from the street, and complete with an overflowing malodorous dumpster on the booth site. There were no signs, no street traffic, no promotion whatsoever. The only way to OLTA's 'fair' was a slummy alleyway strewn with overgrown weeds and broken glass. The earliest vendors had to actually clean drywall off the lot when they arrived, and ended up not being able to use half the space they cleared because of the black mold.

The only street promotion visible was some yellow chalk arrows hastily drawn on the sidewalk. Last I checked, yellow chalk and broken glass didn't cost $90 per vendor. Don claims to have spent $800 promoting this event, yet he can't produce even one concrete instance of actual advertising.

Don't get me wrong, I've vended booths where I haven't made money. This isn't simply sour grapes on my part. But I've done a lot of these events and this is above and beyond simple bad luck. This is neglect bordering on consumer fraud.

From all appearances, this is a case where someone spent almost no money and simply expected to pocket all of it for handing out booth space without promoting the event or even cleaning up the parking lot where it was to be held. The stench from the dumpster was disgusting. Equally deplorable is the fact that several vendors made a trek from Chicago and Kansas City who are now out not only $45 of their $90 booth fee (he agreed to refund half our fees, although I'll believe it when I see it.) but their gas and time as well.

The fair didn't get one client. Not one. Had we gotten lookers but no buyers, I'd chalk it up to a bad economy, but we didn't get any lookers. Schlafly wasted beer serving no one, Mangia Italiano wasted food serving no one, bands played to no one in a hot parking lot. Several vendors mentioned having a similar experience with him during previous events, so I'd say he's making a habit of it.

For that reason, I have to put this out and warn everyone who might likewise be swindled by him. Tell your friends, tell your blogs, tell any crafty forums you're a member of. Crafters put too much money and time into their wares, they deserve not to be taken advantage of.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yet more samples of my crafty wares

Some work I finally got around to adding

I know the pictures are fuzzy or full glare. I am sorry I between the glitter and the resin in the bottle caps on the crosses I just couldn't take a decent pic. These just do not do the bottle cap crosses justice. I need to learn how to take good pictures or lay off the glitter and since I won't be laying off the glitter I guess I have to learn how to take pictures.

Dolls for Crammed Organisms

My first attempt at dolls. The purple & black doll is the rockstar fairy, she has purple stars around her eyes and the other is a Halloween fairy with vampire teeth, mismatched crazy button eyes and uneven eyebrows (all done on purpose, believe it or not). Their faces were decorated with embroidery and felt. Both have black wings that are not shown that were made of a black spiderweb lace.

The Banshee was made from a sock. I thought I would try my hand at a different version of the sock monkey and make a sock skeleton/ghost/banshee. Her face is decorated with embroidery and felt.

All of these were a pain in the ass to make and I have nothing but the utmost respect for those that make plushes or dolls. These are just the beginning though. I plan to make more as they could be fun to make without a time constraint and when I am actually feeling well.

Friday, May 23, 2008


The word for the day kids is Terribilita=awesomeness or emotional intensity in an artist or artwork.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Crammed Organisms

Crammed Organisms - World's Largest Plush Show! Plush, Stuffed Animals, Plushies, Softies

Okay if you do plush or love plush you totally need to check this out! I am super excited about this and I am going to be doing some paper mache' and my newest idea which is sock dolls, basically like sock monkeys using socks, but they will be skeletons and the like. I am going to use ribbon and other things for the hair and mostly felt and buttons for the eyes with the exception of doing some embroidery. I am very excited about this. Yay!!!!

There will be four venues and four different dates to choose from in June so no excuses. Hope to see ya there!