Sunday, August 19, 2007

CraftaNostra rocked!

So we had a huge crowd last night for CraftaNostra. I sold mostly my crosses and flower/sugar skulls bobby pins, but I did sell a few other things. The crowd was definitely into my stuff, they just weren't buying. I think those selling jewelry, purses and baby things did the best. I will eventually venture into the Day of the Dead jewelry, but purses and baby things I don't think I will go into. I love what I make though, so I will continue to do what I love with the hopes that eventually someone will buy it.
I had fun talking with all of the Craft Mafia people and their spouses. What a great group of people! Thanks to April and anyone else that helped but together such a great show! Thanks also to April, Kate and Beqi for waiting for my "darling" husband. And a big hug to Beqi for taking me home! I owe you are coffee or drink at the least!!!!
I promise to get up pics of my newest stuff as soon as I get our other computer up and running.
A big hand to our DJ who rocked the house and Cooperella for hosting it!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Crafting my butt off!!!

Okay, so I crafting my ass off!!! I am covered in paint, paper mache' pulp, paper mache' sanding dust and sharpie. It just seems like I will never get it all done. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!
I know I promised pics of my new stuff and will eventually add them, but for now here is some pics of some of my older stuff.