Monday, July 30, 2007

Yay! I'm now a member of St. Louis Craft Mafia!

Yay! I got official word today that I am now a member of the St. Louis Craft Mafia and I am able to participate in the CraftaNostra. I am so very excited! I have tons to do though and that is a little overwhelming. Ugh! I am in the midst of trying to create inventory for the Strange Folk Festival and now CraftaNostra, then I am making two costumes for Dragoncon (big Sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, goth, etc. convention), looking for a part time job and taking care of my two school age kids. I love my kids, but man am I ready for school to start back up. Ugh!

I've got a lot of great pieces going now and have some great ones in mind. So, back to crafting, just wanted to share the great news!

Also, please check out my favorite links. I have added all of my fellow St. Louis Craft Mafia members and they are a very talented bunch.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Paper mache'ing away

So I am just paper mache'ing away. I am trying to build up pieces for the Strange Folk Festival > and possibly for CraftaNostra http://www:// > through the St. Louis Craft Mafia . I am waiting to hear back from the St. Louis Craft Mafia about my possible membership and I am quite excited and hope (very much) that I will get in. They are a talented bunch and I would love to be a part of that and really about helping to promote crafty businesses. We crafty bunch need to stick together! So check out the links and make sure to promote these great crafty ventures!

In the mean time I have made some great devil and skull maracas. They need paint and they will be done. Yay! I am also working on bottlecaps with tiny paper mache' skulls in them for jewelry. I will add glitter and seal them in resin. I am going to try to do the sugar skull designs on them, but they are quite small so that is not definite. I am putting together quite a few miscellaneous pieces, but I am lacking any real fun ideas. I need to go over my notes and sketch book. I know I have had some wornderful ideas I just can't seem to think of them right now. I am also trying a new approach on molds for some of my pieces and I am still unsure how they will work. I do have some really cute Halloween ideas in mind. One including a goth-like living dead girl, Wednesday Adams kind Day of the Dead girl. My maracas and Halloween stuff sold the best at the Rock and Roll Craft Show so I am trying to concentrate on more of those right now.

I also finished my paper mache' Shaak Ti headpiece. At least the restructuring of it . It will need a finishing coat of paper pulp and then paint, but it looks really good. I hope to get pictures up this week, but I seem to be quite busy so we will see.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Yay! Got into Strangefolk

So I got into the Strangefolk Festival and I am so excited. I have been so slowly making some pieces and researching on how I want to do my bottlecap jewelry. This is going to be fun and it's good for my soul to get creative. I always feel a little more connected to me when I am crafting. It's so easy to lose yourself when you become a wife and mother and crafting let's me hang on to who I was before.

So I have some wonderful ideas and have been cleaning and organizing my craft area downstairs. Ugh! That is so overwhelming. Trying to figure out how to categorize so of my stuff is just hard.

So I am going to focus on Halloween stuff because it will be right before Halloween and for the area the craft show is in I think that Halloween stuff will just sell better, but I am going to do alot of my Devil & Skull maracas. They sold well at the Rock and Roll craft show and I just like them anyway.

The pic up top is of a pair I sold at the Rock and Roll Craft Show. I am going to try and make the skeleton more 3D or at least give it more dimension.
Overall, excitement and crafting like crazy!